11 July, 2018

23 Moroccan athletes on track

23 Moroccan athletes will be ready to challenge the world of athletics on Friday July 13th

Of the 190 athletes who have confirmed their commitment to take part in the Mohammed VI International Meeting (9th stage of the Diomond League), 23 Moroccan athletes will be ready to challenge the world of athletics on Friday July 13th.

The main focus should be stretch on the 3000m with Abdelaati Iguider, the 3000m steeple-chase with Soufiane El Bakkali, Rababe Arafi and Malika Akkaoui on the 800m, Fouad Kaam and Brahim Kaazouzi on the 1500m as also Yahya Berrabah and Mouhcine Khoua in the Long jump.

Apart from Abdelaati Iguider who did not schedule this competition, this team of athletes has just distinguished itself ten days ago at the 18th Mediterranean Games in Tarragona saving the furniture of the Moroccan sport in the general classification by medals.

All these Moroccan athletes are resolutely determined to thrill the Moroccan public Friday, July 13 evening from 20 hours at the My Abdellah Sports Complex in Rabat.

If Soufiane El Bakkali is determined to beat the world champion and Olympic champion, the Kenyan Conselsus Kipruto, the official admitted goal from the Moroccan his to run close or even brake the magic barrier of the 8 minutes, which would be not only a meeting record but also the fastest race of the year 2018 .

 Here is also the official list of Moroccan athletes who will take part in the International meeting Mohammed VI:


N°     Nom et prénom                                 Epreuve                   Performance

1                 BENKASSEM KHADIJA                              1000m                    2.03.47 en 800m

2                 HILALI SIHAM                                              1000m                    4:09.50 en 1500m (2018)

3                 KAAM FOUAD                                              1500m                    3.37.14

4                 KAAZOUZI BRAHIM                                    1500m                    3.35.58

5                 OULADHA HICHAM                                    1500m                    3.37.60

6                 ESSALHI YOUNES                                     1500m                    3:36.58

7                 IGUIDER ABDELAATI                          3000m                    7:30.09 BP2016

8                 BOUQANTAR SOUFIANE                          3000m                    7:38.65

9                 DOUKKANA RABAI                                     3000m                    7:53.09

10               ABID MOHAMMED                                      3000m                    13:32.34 en 5000m (2018)

11               OUTALAH MOHCINE                                  3000m                    7:52.77 (indoor)

12               AKENKAM HICHAM                                    3000m                    8:08.20

13               SOUFIANE BAKKALI                                  3000mST               8.20.97

14               SIGUINI HICHAM                                        3000mST               8.19.51

15               TINDOUFT MOHAMED                            3000mST               8.20.30

16               IBRAHIM EZZAYDOUNY                            3000mST               8.18.50

17               BENZAHRA ABDELKRIM                          3000mST               8:21.08

18               FERKOUSSI KAOUTAR                             5000m                  15.52.33

19               SIDI MADANE FADOUA                              5000m                  16:18.13

20               RABABE AARFI                                            800m                    1.59.20

21               AKKAOUI MALIKA                                        800m                    2.00.34

22               LKHOWA MOHCINE                                   Longueur              8.09

23               YAHYA BERABAH                                        Longueur              8.10