25 janvier, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Usain Bolt and the Flower Girl

On Throwback Thursday, we revisit a hilarious moment at the Bislett Games in Oslo back in 2012, where Usain Bolt collided with a flower girl.

Having just pipped Asafa Powell over the line to win the 100m in 9.79 seconds, Bolt didn't quite spot the young woman approaching him with the winner's  customary bunch of flowers. 

Clocking her at the last moment, the Jamaican legend just about avoided sending the flower girl tumbling to the floor before setting off on his lap of honour. 

Smiles all round, and there were more of those for Bolt that season. Aside from his triple gold at the London Olympics that summer, he also picked up the Diamond Trophy, with that victory in Oslo helping him on his way to an overall triumph in the Diamond Race. 

Watch the full clip below: